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Q: What is Brow Design?

A: It's a game changer. We will consult with you and analyze your natural brow shape and hair growth pattern and then design and shape into your best brows ever. There are many benefits to brow shaping and waxing; they can enhance your eyes and face, balance out facial features, frame your eyes, give you a more youthful and short of plastic surgery, give you the best eye lift. 

Q: I am new, can I skip the Brow Shaping and book a Brow Maintenance?

A: No. "Brow Maintenance" bookings are for our established brow clients only. If you are new, or it's been longer than 6 weeks since your last visit, please book a "Brow Design" appointment. 


Q: Does waxing hurt?

A: Short answer, yes! Of course, it depends on the individual. The good news is that the more you wax a specific area, the thinner the hairs will become and thus, less painful it will become with each visit. This is why it's important to stay on track with your maintenance, and schedule your appointment regularly.


Q: What kind of wax do you use?

A: We use only the highest quality of wax and wax products on the market. Depending on the area being waxed, we either use a soft wax (with wax strips) and a hard wax (which hardens on skin, no wax strips needed).

Q: How long does my hair have to be?

A: The recommend length is at least 1/4 of an inch. Anything smaller, the wax might not be able to adhere properly to the hairs, thus causing the hairs to break or not pull out at all.  

Q: What if I have a reaction to the wax?

A: We require a patch test on all new clients. Please let your wax specialist know of any allergies prior to your waxing service. Still in doubt? Please get cleared with your physician first.   


Q: How often should I get waxed?

A: Every person is different. However, it is suggested that you come in between every 3-5 weeks, depending on area being waxed. 

Q: I am pregnant, can I get waxed?

A: Yes, though you might be more sensitive to the wax. However, we always suggest getting it cleared with your physician first.

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